Yves Mauffette (2004)

mauffetteAffiliation at the time of the award: Université du Québec à Montréal, Biologiques, Sciences.

Citation: At UQAM, he’s known as “Mr. PBL.” A pioneer in the adaptation of problem-based learning to a field of the basic sciences, Yves Mauffette transformed the whole UQAM bachelor of biology program in 1996. “Achieving a seamless transfer from traditional courses to problem-based learning required a visionary able to consider a totally different pedagogical approach,” confided one of his colleagues. The success of this approach has been greatly, and it has proved to be so productive that Yves Mauffette has been invited to Belgium , France , the United Kingdom and Australia , to assist in implementing PBL programs in a variety of fields.

“Seeing how students in this new program are motivated and curious, how their autonomy and confidence increase, that’s what I really like!” Yves Mauffette is also a founding member of CEFRES, the Centre de formation et de recherche en enseignement supérieur , which specializes in training and research for teaching at advanced levels, and Vice President of the Centre d’innovation pédagogique en sciences au collegial , which seeks innovation in teaching science at the CEGEP level. An undisputed leader in the field of educational innovation, Yves Mauffette is also a teacher without equal. In 2002 he was awarded the Université du Québec prize for excellence in teaching.