Leo Jonker (2004)

jonkerAffiliation at the time of the award: Queen’s University, Mathematics & Statistics.

Citation: Leo the lion-hearted teacher of jumbo calculus classes reflects that “love of subject, of its beauty and power, should be the primary motivation for all mathematics education, and the basis for all communication between teacher and student. At every level of education, our goal should be to help students share the fascination with the subject that first drew us to it. Give the students the time they need, the help they need, and the encouragement they need.” Love, time, help, and encouragement: these embody Dr. Leo Jonker’s teaching and have led to his receiving an astounding twelve teaching awards.

Of Dr. Jonker’s first year calculus course, one of his engineering students enthused that “it is like painting an entire picture for us rather than just drawing one object in the middle of the canvas. It helps us understand the concepts behind the method we are using and the very nature of the problem itself. I walk out of his lectures thinking to myself – Wow! I understand this!” Not only do students love the course but they develop a global vision and understanding: skills that will be useful in all their careers. Leo’s activities in research and training graduate students and in serving his community have been equally impressive.