Brenda Cameron (2004)

cameronAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta.

Citation: Brenda Cameron is the model of teacher as a reflective practitioner, and through her engaging stories of practice, she instills a passion for nursing in her students and in all who hear her speak. She is an exceptional and innovative teacher. Under her guidance, students learn to be compassionate, critical thinking nurses. Her thoughtful mentoring has given her students the confidence to go on to graduate studies and to significant employment positions. As one student writes, “she was able to build on my strengths and believed in my abilities from the beginning.”

Her influence extends from the University to the community, exemplified by her work in organizing and implementing an inter-professional team placement on a First Nations reserve in central Alberta. Through this partnership, she showed students and colleagues a model of respectful collaboration with Aboriginal communities.

But her influence does not stop at the border; Dr. Cameron is also a pioneer in the internationalization of the curriculum at the Faculty of Nursing. She has facilitated both curriculum development and student placements in northern Canada, Hawaii, Guatemala, and West Africa. As a teacher and an educational leader, Brenda’s work has helped shape her university, her community, and nursing as a caring profession.