Pierre Zundel (2003)

zundelAffiliation at the time of the award: University of New Brunswick (Fredricton Campus).

Citation: UNB’s Dead Poets’ Society is not a student group; it’s a fellowship of university professors, co-founded by Pierre Zundel, who meet to share a meal and ideas. The topic is teaching, a subject about which Dr. Zundel is both expert and passionate.

He believes that “the most important component of education is not teaching but learning”, and his students recognize and value that commitment. As one writes, “under his leadership, how much one learns is a function of how much one is willing to ‘think outside the box’ for answers.” His learner-centred approach led him to spearhead an innovative curriculum using problem-based learning and team teaching in the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, and he helped design UNB’s Renaissance College program in interdisciplinary leadership studies.

A winner of the first UNB Teaching Professor Award and of the 2002 Atlantic Association of Universities Instructional Leadership Award, he has been an outspoken advocate of excellence in teaching throughout the university, and he does all of this with infectious enthusiasm, boundless energy, and a master teacher’s sense of when to criticize and when to praise.