David Poole (2003)

pooleAffiliation at the time of the award: Trent University, Mathematics.

Citation: David Poole’s teaching can turn even self-confessed “math-phobes” into “math-philes” and his passion for his subject is a source of great delight to his students. As one former trent University student says, “Professor Poole has inspired this would-be English teacher with the confidence to teach mathematics, which I now do every day.”

His mission to make math accessible to a wide audience led him to write the university text currently used by more than 35 institutions. A colleague describes him as “both an exemplary and innovative teacher in his own university classroom, and a visionary crusader, dedicated to new educational strategies that reach beyond the university to elementary and high school teaching of mathematics.” That dedication has been recognized already, both with Trent’s Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching and with three Merit Awards for Excellence in Teaching.

Hi has also worked effectively to improve the quality of instruction on his own campus. In 2002, Trent created the position of Associate Dean of Arts and Science (Teaching and Learning), and David’s impressive history of workshops, talks, and leadership in teaching development made him the natural choice for the post.