Claude Lamontagne (2003)

lamontagneAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Ottawa/Université d’Ottawa, Psychologie.

Citation: “I remember him telling me that the best teacher would be one who gave the impression of having taught nothing, and yet taught everything, of having made the least of efforts, and yet given heart and soul, so that the students may see their own genius at work rather than the few guiding nudges that give birth to it.” This apparent ambiguity is from a quotation of one of Claude’s students. It is at the heart of the pedagogical dialogue that Claude so effectively creates. Winner of the Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Ottawa as well as the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Award (OCUFA) this year, Claude Lamontagne personifies all of the leadership qualities we so value in our community.

Amongst Claude’s numerous curricular innovations, his course, Psychologie de l’Intuition statistique is but one example where his students engage in the unique process of discovery learning. So popular among students, this course consistently has a waiting list, is taught in both French and English, and has led to the creation of a research program.

For Claude, teaching and learning is represented in educational encounters which aim at genuinely valuing and fostering the growth of the learner. According to Claude, his pedagogy is not one of showing knowledge, much less stamping it with one’s professional expertise. Instead, his objectives as rooted in the Socratic conception of teaching, that of being a “midwife to truth.”