Alex Faseruk (2003)

faserukAffiliation at the time of the award: Memorial University, Finance.

Citation: Students in Alex Faseruk’s courses at Memorial University might find themselves not in the classroom but in a bank, evaluating the customer waiting lines, or hanging out at McDonald’s and Burger King to compare fast food business strategies. That field research, combined with real-time data and case-based learning, make his classroom a lively place, in which, as he says, “the experienced instructor learns to act more like a referee than a reference book.”

Dr. Faseruk has already received an impressive sixteen awards for his teaching, and his course evaluations show why. He is, according to his students, “always willing to help”, “funny”, “demanding”, and “effective”; or, as one put it, “Excellent, excellent, excellent!” He has also dedicated hundreds of hours and had unparalleled success coaching Memorial’s teams to victory in National and International Case competitions.

His vision and leadership were recognized in 1999 with The National Post’s “Leader in Management Education” award, and he shares his devotion to student learning with new generations of teachers, through workshops and supervision in Memorial’s Graduate Program. He has, as one former student put in, “touched the lives of so many students…in so many lasting ways.”