Maureen Connolly (2003)

connollyAffiliation at the time of the award: Brock University, Kinesiology.

Citation: Maureen Connolly’s students in the Department of Physical Education and Kinesiology universally praise her energy, honesty, and empathy. One writes, ‘Professor Connolly is a shining star, an extraordinary teacher”, and another notes that “her risk-taking empowered me to take my own risks.” that engagement with student learning has already been recognized in the Brock University Distinguished Teaching Award. According to her University President, “In my nearly thirty years of university life, I have met few faculty who exhibit her level of commitment to students and their success.”

Professor Connolly’s influence extends throughout Brock University and the Niagara region. According to one colleague, “she has contributed at every level of excellence: through classroom presentation, innovative course development, curriculum and educational materials, undergraduate and graduate teaching, graduate thesis supervision, administrative leadership and scholarly publications.” Her significant commitment to Brock’s Centre for Teaching has led to an unprecendented number of workshops in the areas of evaluation, seminar teaching and feminist pedagogy, and she has served as Interim director of the Instructional Development Office. Her scholarship includes and impressive eighty presentations and publications ont eaching. She is, in her own words, dedicated to “creating the conditions for passion for the subject matter, and deep regard and attentive wonder for each other.”