Janna Fox (2002)

foxAffiliation at the time of the award: Carleton University, Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies.

Citation: The Director of her school says, “In my 38 years of university teaching, Janna Fox is undoubtedly the most skillful, versatile and multi-talented teacher I have ever encountered, and a truly outstanding educational leader.” Her nomination letter goes on to say, “As a teacher she is simply outstanding; I know of no other teacher who has realized so completely and with such dedication and enthusiasm, the ideal of a learner-centred classroom. At the same time, as an educational leader she is an irresistible transformative force who in her own quiet but determined manner has wrought change, always to the benefit of learners, in educational theatres as grand as the national educational system of the Seychelles and as modest as the classroom of her own department.”

In a department that achieves some of the highest teaching scores in her university, Janna consistently achieves scores significantly above the departmental mean. It is perhaps not surprising that she has won the Professional Achievement Award, the only university teaching award for which she is eligible, an unprecedented four times. The letters written by her students reveal that she is a teacher with an extraordinary ability to inspire and motivate them.

But it is not just in her teaching that Janna excels. From the day of her arrival at Carleton, she has worked continuously with individual instructors, with Teaching Assistants, with departments and even whole faculties to transform teaching strategies and course and curriculum design. Janna has also led the development of CAEL, the Canadian English Language Assessment, which is being adopted by an ever-growing national and international audience of universities instead of TOEFL. Janna has been successful in bringing her scholarly expertise and commitment to student learning to her own classroom as well as throughout the university and in classrooms beyond Carleton, both nationally and internationally.