Joan Loomis (2001)

loomisAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta, Physical Therapy.

Citation: Joan Loomis is an accomplished teacher who brings innovation and a learner-centred approach to the classroom and laboratory, as well as to curriculum development. Her passion for both teaching and learning is reflected in her leadership of the Faculty’s Innovative Teaching Committee, Teaching Seminar Series and teaching partnerships.

Joan’s willingness to share her knowledge and expertise with others is well known within her Faculty and beyond. Joan has won both the Rutherford and the Barbara Edwardson Awards. As a recipient of the 2000 STLHE Alan Blizzard For Collaborative Teaching, Joan’s contributions to creative and effective interdisciplinary endeavours was recognized.

In her teaching, Joan uses numerous active learning methods, including learning manuals, consensus exercises, learning portfolios, and clinician student partnerships.

In her position as Associate Dean for Professional Programs and Teaching in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Joan practices her commitment to improving physical therapy education and providing leadership in curriculum development and revision.