Anna Lathrop (2001)

lathropAffiliation at the time of the award: Brock University, Kinesiology.

Citation: Anna Lathrop’s record of teaching excellence and outstanding educational leadership is exceptional. She has been recognized with the Brock University Distinguished Teacher Award as well as the Ontario Colleges and Universities Faculty Association (OCUFA) Teaching Award.

Anna’s teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that good teaching depends on informed research, effective teaching strategies and the sensibility to interact with the learner within a shared context of mutual understanding and respect. She is enthusiastic about teaching, constantly challenging and inspiring her students to a greater understanding and love of learning. Students consistently describe her as non-judgmental, understanding and caring. They comment on her ability to bring complex theoretical concepts and arguments “to life” by connecting them to familiar examples from everyday experience.

Anna is passionately committed to her own professional development as well as to the professional development of her colleagues and her teaching assistants whom she mentors by lesson and by example. She has worked effortlessly to develop the broader teaching and learning environment beyond her own discipline, extending her endeavors in the scholarship of teaching beyond her own faculty and institution, and disseminating the results of her pedagogical research in refereed publications.

Anna has demonstrated exceptional leadership which, when considered together with her superior classroom performance and her research on teaching and learning within her own discipline, points to a commitment to teaching and learning that has spanned a career.

3M Speaker
Kinesiology/ Research includes a number of areas (women and sport/ physical education curriculum/ educational biography/ scholarship of teaching and learning. Sample publications focused on pedagogy are:

  • Community development, transitional value and institutional affinity: The impact of an outdoor orientation program on the first-year university student experience
  • “More than just a building:” The impact of wilderness orientation on first-year student perceptions of life effectiveness and campus integration
  • Teaching how to question: Participation rubrics

As Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning at Brock University, my focus has been on the development of experiential education and forging connections between the academic curriculum and the co-curriculum as these experiences prepare students for academic success and career readiness.