Roger Moore (2000)

mooreAffiliation at the time of the award: St. Thomas University, Romance Languages.

Citation: Roger Moore is an outstanding teacher and leader in teaching and learning development both at St. Thomas University and in the Atlantic Region. While teaching in the smallest department at one of Canada’s smallest universities, Roger brings relentless energy and creativity and works continuously to introduce new offerings to strengthen the Spanish curriculum, including live theatre, novel on-line applications, and an innovative conversation course that helps students become more fluent in Spanish while bridging the gap between existing courses in grammar and in composition. He loves innovation, ideas, students, and he loves to teach. He maintains an open door philosophy and encourages students to visit his office when they need help. His overall student ratings scores are substantially above the university average every year and he has won two major teaching awards. In 1996, he was the first-ever winner of the St. Thomas University Excellence in Teaching Award, the University’s only teaching prize. He also received the Association of Atlantic Universities Distinguished Teaching Award, a regional award with some 3,000 eligible faculty members.

Roger is currently Chair of the Learning and Teaching Development Committee. The Committee organizes activities such as “teaching conversations”, Effective Teaching Institutes, and this year, developed an in-house publication on teaching entitled, Teaching Perspectives. Roger has led a number of workshops on teaching and learning over the years on various topics related to good teaching. His most important contribution in his five-university tour in 1999 at which he led a workshop entitled, “LOTUS: Learning Options for Tomorrow’s University Students”. He was also invited by colleagues in the graduate faculty of education at the University of New Brunswick to help them with the development of academic and exchange programming with UABJO in Oaxaca, Mexico, and has since become deeply involved in a number of projects involving three-way collaboration with St. Thomas University, the University of New Brunswick, and UABJO. Roger has a strong record with respect to publications on teaching and was co-editor of the Proceedings of the 4th Atlantic Association of Universities Teaching Showcase.