Aaron Devor (2000)

devorAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Victoria, Sociology.

Citation: Aaron’s excellence in teaching is documented by the exceptional student evaluations he consistently receives. He has taught nine different courses, five of which were entirely new courses which he developed. He teaches courses in statistics, gender, sexuality, and feminist theory and for every course, all students have rated his performance highly. His student ratings have been among the highest in the Department of Sociology for over ten years. He is a highly respected scholar and teacher, and in 1995, was the recipient of the University of Victoria Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Teaching. Student testimonials note his meticulous preparation, his expectation of high effort, his challenge to think critically, his humane advocacy, his generous gift of extra time to interested students, and his commitment to helping every learner develop. Aaron’s achievement as a publishing research scholar is also impressive both in its quantity and widening influence. In addition to having served on the University Senate, he has also served on a host of other departmental and university committees related to teaching and curriculum development. He gives numerous guest lectures in both graduate and undergraduate courses on campus.

Aaron has a long association with the activities of the Learning and Teaching Centre at the University of Victoria. He has been a member of their Advocacy Committee, a workshop presenter, a participant in panel discussions and a guest speaker on a variety of topics pertaining to improving teaching. He demonstrates an ongoing commitment to TA training development through his involvement in workshops and other training opportunities, both as Acting Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and now as Dean of the Faculty.

As a recipient of an Innovative Teaching Grant, he devised the WebForum, a new software program for the classroom that allows instructors to set up and monitor on-line discussion groups and post unlimited course materials using the Internet or e-mail, thereby aiding student confidence and participation levels. He is a strong spokesperson for the value of teaching at the University of Victoria and has a wide and positive impact on the value that his colleagues attach to learning.