Timothy Pychyl (1999)

pychylAffiliation at the time of the award: Carleton University, Psychology.

Citation: There is hardly an individual at Carleton University who is not aware of Timothy Pychyl’s outstanding work with and support of students and his contribution to teaching excellence. His initiatives in the development of courses and curriculum are innovative, and have resulted in substantial change at Carleton. His contribution goes beyond the limits of Carleton through his participatory educational research with local high school teachers and faculty from the University of Ottawa, as well as his partnership with local high schools for which he received an Individual Award of Excellence in 1995.

Tim’s teaching evaluations are among the highest at the university and are earned for his work in large lecture courses (including courses on television) and in small seminars. Students’ testimonials are clear evidence that he has found techniques that bring out their passions, encourage their interests and challenge their thinking. He goes well beyond the call of duty in helping them to develop their intellectual abilities and self-confidence in all aspects of their academic pursuits. He carries one of the heaviest undergraduate supervision loads in the Department of Psychology. He is a pioneer and leader in the introduction of computer and communication technologies into the curriculum. He served as a member of the Committee on Teaching in the Electronic World. His exemplary teaching skills won him a Carleton University Teaching Excellence Award in 1995 and an Ontario Confederation of Faculty Associations’ Teaching Award in 1998.

In September 1996, Tim was appointed as a Teaching and Learning Scholar in the Teaching and Learning Resource center where he developed a comprehensive training program in university teaching for both teaching assistants and Ph.D. students planning an academic career. He researched and designed the graduate Seminar in University Teaching, organized a series of teaching seminars for the School of Business, and presented at the annual Teaching Expo, a week-long event showcasing teaching innovations. Tim regularly shares his experiences with colleagues in any number of workshops and presentations for new faculty, sessional lectures, and teaching assistants.

My own research and teaching web site can be found at www.carleton.ca/~tpychyl. This is the “Procrastination Research Group” which summarizes my research in psychology and provides links to my online teaching as well as my teaching dossier and CV.