Mick Price (1999)

priceAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science.

Citation: Mick Price was appointed an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta in 1976, and by 1979, he had won the first of his three prestigious Agriculture Teaching Excellence Awards. In 1983 he was appointed Associate Dean (Agriculture). During this period, he conducted a complete review of the undergraduate program, and Chaired a Committee to create a new degree program. Following his tenure as Associate Dean, Mick became Chair of Animal Science, one of the largest departments in the institution. Since then, he continues to devote an enormous amount of time and energy to committee work to further teaching at the University of Alberta. This is typical of his commitment to teaching and his desire to promote “an administrative and collegial environment that cherishes effective teaching”, to foster such an environment as an effective way to improve teaching, and “to raise the level of respect for teaching among those around him”.

Mick’s commitment to excellence teaching goes well beyond his own classroom by assisting and mentoring other faculty members. He has been an active participant in a variety of programs offered by University Teaching Services, including the Peer Consultation Program. As a member of the University’s major committee on teaching and learning, he took primary responsibility for the review and revision of the student evaluation instrument used on a University-wide basis. He won the Brian Hocking Scholarship and used the prize to bring a group of colleagues to a Canadian teaching conference where they worked as a team to research the best way to evaluate and reward teaching.

He has been described as a brilliant instructor, an inspirational leader and zealous scholar. His courses include such teaching and learning innovations as: one-on-one oral examinations, student directed marking contracts, teleconference lectures, and international group e-mail projects. He created an intensive off-campus laboratory class in meat science and goes out of his way to help students develop oral communication skills. His student evaluations are exceptional, and this year, his dedication and hard work culminated in his recognition as a Fellow of the Agriculture Institute of Canada.