Andy Liu (1999)

liuAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences.

Citation: The highest recognition of Andy’s leadership in education has been during the past year with his selection as a Distinguished Educator by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, receiving the Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion from Industry Canada, and being named the Canadian University Professor of the Year by the Canadian Council for the Advancement and Support of Education. In 1996, he was the recipient of the David Hilbert International Award for the promotion of mathematics worldwide which was presented to him at the International Congress of Mathematics Education by the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions. At the University of Alberta, he is a recipient of the Faculty of Science Award for Excellent Teaching, the Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, and the Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award which is open only to professors outside the Faculty of Engineering who teach their students in service courses. Andy earned his doctorate in mathematics and diploma in elementary education simultaneously, and for many years he has acted as a liaison between the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Faculty of Education. He was also a Faculty Advisor and is currently designing a Master’s degree in the teaching of mathematics.

Outside the University of Alberta, Andy organized the S.M.A.R.T. Club for elementary junior high school students which has resulted in publications in scientific and educational journals. He regularly speaks at elementary, junior and senior high schools, as well as the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention and other conferences concerned with mathematics education. He is a mathematics resource person for the Edmonton Association for Bright Children and has served as a mathematics instructor for community leagues. Andy’s role in mathematics and education extends nationally and internationally where he is a contributor to and of several editorial boards.

During the past 19 years, Andy has taught a wide variety of courses for students in the Faculties of Business, Education, Engineering and Science. His teaching has consistently been exemplary and many students enroll in his classes on the basis of his reputation. His popularity with students is due to the tremendous amount of work he puts into teaching, the sense of fun he brings to mathematics, his ability to explain difficult concepts clearly, and the genuine concern he has for his students. He is a devoted supporter of mathematical competitions and has used them for many years as a way to motivate and promote interest in mathematics at the local, provincial, national, and international levels.