Jeanette Boman (1999)

bomanAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta.

Citation: Since her appointment to the Faculty of Nursing in 1981, Jeanette Boman is remarkably committed to excellence in teaching and the improvement of university teaching within her own Faculty and the University of Alberta as a whole. She became involved in teaching and learning activities early in her career by serving on the General Faculties Council, the university’s highest academic governing body. In position as the first Associate Dean of Teaching in her Faculty, she established a number of programs that promoted the value and profile of teaching in the Faculty of Nursing. She developed a series of workshops for faculty on the tutor’s role, provided individual consultation, and set up a series of “brown-bag lunches” entitled “Teaching Matters” where faculty could share successful strategies and solutions to problems.

Jeanette was involved in other relationship positions within the Faculty and the University. In 1982, she became the first off-campus Post RN B.Sc.N. Program Coordinator to make nursing studies possible for students unable to come to the campus. She was later a member and Chair of the Committee for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning. During this time she played a key role in exploring and bringing about the now mandatory Instructor Designed Questionnaire approach to the evaluation of teaching performance. She continues to be actively involved with University Teaching Services through the Peer Consultation Program.

Jeanette is an outstanding teacher, as evaluated by students, colleagues and members of the nursing profession. Evaluations of her teaching are consistently at the highest level. Her students describe her as sensitive, exceptionally supportive, most respectful of their ideas and opinions, able to stimulate creativity and individuality, and very skillful in building upon their background and expertise. She works hard to make every student feel a valuable part of the teaching-learning group, getting to know them personally, and getting them actively involved in the learning process. She has received four teaching awards from her own Faculty and, in 1986, was honoured with the Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.