Donald Trim (1997)

trimAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Manitoba, Mathematics.

Citation: Donald Trim is the most highly respected teacher in the Faculty of Science. A quiet individual, he comes alive in front of the class. He has the ability to remember students’ names, even in large classes, and a reputation for making difficult required courses in science and engineering an enjoyable learning experience. Donald is also an innovative leader in computer-assisted instruction at the University of Manitoba. He has designed and implemented a program by which faculty members in the Department of Applied Mathematics and students in the Faculty of Engineering can use computer technology to teach and learn calculus. As well, he offers sessions on the use of Mathematica computer software to enhance teaching. His teaching evaluations have been consistently at the highest level over a period of many years. In addition, he has won both the Stanton and Saunderson awards for excellence in teaching, the University of Manitoba’s most prestigious teaching awards.

Donald Trim is not only a brilliant teacher. He also works hard to improve the quality of teaching across the University and beyond. His efforts in faculty development have contributed to the success of a number of programs. For example, he was one of six founding members of the University’s Peer Consultation Program in 1992. He has also facilitated many University Teaching Services workshops where he works with both faculty members and graduate students to help them develop and enhance their teaching skills, from lecturing and explaining to questioning and discussion leadership. On the wider stage, beyond the University of Manitoba, Donald’s influence is felt through five successful and highly respected undergraduate textbooks that he has authored. As well, from 1989 to 1995, he coordinated the mathematics portion of the Shad Valley Program, an elite program for gifted high school students from across the country.