Anthony Marini (1997)

mariniAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Calgary, Graduate Division of Educational Research.

Citation: During the past ten years, Anthony Marini has clearly made an outstanding commitment to the value of teaching at The University of Calgary and beyond. Through his involvement with the Teaching Development Office and the various University committees promoting teaching development, he has had a significant impact in helping faculty members and graduate students enhance their teaching skills. He has co-presented at faculty and graduate student training sessions, developed written materials in support of teaching, and represented the TDO in various meetings and conferences across North America. On his own initiative, he proposed, co-designed and continues to teach a course in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. He is also a member of the Learning and Instructional Development Subcommittee and has been actively involved in workshops with department heads dealing with curriculum restructuring, promoting campus-wide communication as part of the Envisioning Transformation Week, and contributing to the LIDS “toolbox” which is a resource kit promoting teaching excellence across campus. His present sabbatical plans include developing a peer consultation program for his Faculty. As a testimony to his commitment, he has received nine Teaching Excellence Awards. These include three campus-wide awards, five faculty awards, and one award from outside the University of Calgary.

Anthony Marini is an outstanding teacher. In the words of a former student, “Dr. Marini created the most positive and safe learning environment I have ever experienced in university.” His teaching style is effective because he is always prepared, extremely knowledgeable, and allows the students to react and contribute to what he says. He is always available to his students, welcoming them with an open door, a smile, and a kind word. As well as having effective in-class teaching skills, he goes out of his way to help and advise students out of class.