Aviva Freedman (1997)

freedmanAffiliation at the time of the award: Carleton University, Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies.

Citation: Aviva Freedman is recognized throughout Carleton University and the Ottawa community as a superb teacher. Her teaching evaluation scores are consistently among the best in the University. In 1985, her teaching excellence was recognized with the Arts Faculty Teaching Award. In January 1996, both teaching excellence and leadership were recognized when she was named to the position of Teaching and Learning Scholar in the Teaching and Learning Resource Centre. Undergraduate and graduate students write eloquently of her way of bringing a very abstract subject to life and of her extraordinary ability to guide and coach students through the process of learning the skills of academic thinking and writing. Colleagues too, have written of her extraordinary talents as a teacher – a brilliant lecturer, a virtuoso user of questions, and a powerful listener who gives students space to discover their own ideas. “Aviva’s courses”, as they are affectionately known among the teachers and administrators of the Carleton School Board, have had a profound effect on the work of hundreds of teachers, and through those teachers, on the writing of thousands of students.

Aviva Freedman has influenced the teaching of more professors and teaching assistants at Carleton University than any other single person. During this past year alone, she played a leading role in three separate programs: the Enriched Support Program, the Centre for Initiatives in Education, and the Task force on the Renewal of the BA. Together these initiatives promise to transform the learning experience of all students in the BA program and of many students in other programs, as well as the teaching experiences of most faculty members in Arts and Social Sciences.