Monika Schloder (1996)

schloderAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Calgary.

Citation: Dr. Monika Schloder, a member of the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada has more than 42 years of teaching in her specialty areas of curriculum design, teaching/coaching foundation, sport pedagogy, sociology of sport, and philosophy of sport. She is internationally recognized for her contribution to improve teaching/coaching methodology. A winner of numerous international awards she is also a 1996 3M Teaching Fellowship recipient for teaching excellence at Canadian Universities.

She has spent the same amount of years in coaching from beginning to elite level swimming, artistic gymnastics, and athletics. As a Master course conductor since 1976 for the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in coaching theory as well as technical swimming and artistic gymnastics she has educated close to 20,000 coaches and serves currently as a NCCP mentor and basic skills assessor. She is also involved in the new curriculum design and writing of new coaching book in the above sports. The bilingual (English-Spanish) “Pursuit to Excellence Swim Series” (video and book) “Fly away: The butterfly stroke in swimming. Progressive-sequential-creative-experiential” won the international Panasonic and AMTEC Film Festival price in 1996.

She has served as the Master Coach in Residence since 1991 for the Los Angeles based Amateur Athletic Foundation, legacy of the 1984 Games developing programs for Inner city youth (minorities and youth gangs) which denotes 217 graduates to date serving Inner city sports groups and teams; she created, developed and wrote the AAF Coach Leadership Program (CLP) in swimming (1992) and soccer (1993), inclusive the curriculum and the coaching manuals for these sports. She co-authored the 1998 AAF manual “Coaching young athletes: A foundation for success” and recently completed the new AAF swimming book “Youth Coach – Swimming: Skills and Thrills”(2003).