Bluma Litner (1996)

litnerAffiliation at the time of the award: Concordia University, Applied Human Sciences.

Citation: Bluma Litner’s career at Concordia University reflects her serious commitment to quality teaching and to its improvement, both within the University and beyond. She is an innovator and a leader, who has been deeply concerned about issues of inclusion in higher education long before the term became popular. The quality of her teaching was acknowledged when the Concordia Council on Student Life awarded her their Excellence in Teaching Award in 1994, the first year the award was given. She has established a reputation in her department and amongst students and colleagues as an outstanding teacher who not only develops and presents course material in a manner that is conducive to learning but also makes herself available to students for consultation, support and encouragement, far above and beyond what is necessary.

From the very first year that Bluma Litner arrived at Concordia she has been actively involved in supporting the development and improvement of teaching and learning. She served on the advisory board for both the Lacolle Centre for Educational Innovation and the Learning Development Office. As a colleague, she is a model of professionalism. She has organized, designed and facilitated sessions for faculty and regularly leads sessions for senior administrators, chairs, and teaching assistants on a variety of topics. Her concern for quality teaching goes beyond Concordia and is reflected in her research and writing, as well as in her consulting and service work. Many of her projects have involved educational institutions struggling to create productive environments to support teaching and learning.