Clarissa Green (1996)

greenAffiliation at the time of the award: University of British Columbia, Nursing.

Citation: Clarissa Green has received virtually every teaching award a nursing professor can receive at the University of British Columbia, and the evaluations of her teaching are exemplary year after year. Her consistent goal is to optimize the learning opportunities for her students whether in the traditional classroom or in a clinical setting. In doing so, she has maintained high standards while fostering independence and the capacity for life-long learning. She has established herself as a highly effective teacher in a variety of courses and teaching environments in the undergraduate nursing curriculum. She has been a course leader, a primary lecturer, a developer of course-related materials and a coordinator of all faculty associated with these courses. She is currently Third Year Coordinator of the Undergraduate Nursing Program and last year organized and chaired a very successful all-day forum on teaching and learning issues for teachers in that group.

Clarissa Green has achieved a remarkable reputation across the University campus for her expertise in teaching and her willingness to assist others to improve their own teaching. Since 1989, she has been an Advisory Board member of TAG (Teaching and Academic Growth ), UBC’s Faculty Development Centre. In addition to her position as board member, she assisted in the development of the Peer Consultation Program and is currently a peer consultant. Several times annually, she has been invited to offer guest lectures within other faculties and departments at UBC, as well as developing and facilitating annual workshops for UBC Faculty. She is the author of several articles on creative teaching and has developed and produced both audio and videotape materials for teaching purposes.