David Cook (1996)

cookAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta, Medical Education.

Citation: David Cook has been associated with the Department of Pharmacology, within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta, for nearly 30 years, serving as its chair from 1981 to 1991. His real enthusiasm is for teaching, something for which he has a natural gift. He continually challenges his students to question, dissect and cross-reference the information that is being presented to them. It is a rare talent which he has refined and uses extremely effectively. These talents resulted in his nomination (by medical students) as Teacher of the Year or Outstanding Teacher in 15 of the last 20 years. His student ratings are impressive as are the feedback and comments from his many community and university presentations.

As Director of Studies in Medical Education, David Cook has been an innovator in the development of new courses and in the application of problem-based learning to medical education. He regularly leads workshops on making presentations, on the use and abuse of overheads, and on testing. He has a number of publications in journals and newsletters on these topics as well as papers and presentations on problem-based learning and on the evaluation of teaching. In 1994, a Curriculum Innovation Committee was established to review the potential for change in methods of instruction and the appropriate measures to assess the significance of these changes. David Cook chairs this committee. He regularly is invited to serve on similar committees and task forces where he works to support teaching and learning through the development of policy and the creation of a collegial atmosphere for implementing policy.

Obituary: David passed away on September 13, 2009 —Read more