Don Cartwright (1996)

cartwrightAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Western Ontario, Geography.

Citation: Donald Cartwright’s record of teaching excellence spans more than two decades. Students, peers, and colleagues identify him as a superb educator. Peers have recognized his achievements as an outstanding instructor and have honoured him with an OCUFA Award for Excellence in University Teaching in 1980, the Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award of the National Council for Geographic Education (USA) in 1987, and the University of Western Ontario’s Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1996. He devises innovative curriculum, delivers masterful lectures, and achieves very high ratings in the Faculty’s annual evaluation of teaching performance. In the words of one student: “I look to him to see what I can be as a teacher, and work toward bringing the life and excitement into my own classes as he did for me”. Donald Cartwright is not only an outstanding performer in the classroom but is involved in educational planning and policy development, in course and program design within the University, as well as on behalf of the National Council for Geographic Education. He collaborated with the Faculty of Education to develop a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Geography. In his own department, he spent several years assisting all new graduate student teaching assistants to enhance their teaching, through classroom visits and annual seminars. He works closely with students in a counselling role and served for many years as the Chair of the Department of Geography’s Undergraduate Affairs Committee, as well as being involved with the University’s First Year Counselling and High School Liaison programs.