Mark Weisberg (1995)

weisbergAffiliation at the time of the award: Queen’s University.

Citation: Mark Weisberg is an exceptional teacher who has made a positive difference in the Faculty of Law and at Queen’s University during the past 25 years. A pioneer in developing courses such as Legal Imagination, Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, and Images of Nurses, Doctors, and Lawyers, he has encouraged students to look at the law in new ways and has developed their analytic and writing skills to a very high level. He is a conscientious teacher who imposes high standards on himself and is rewarded by the quality of work that his students produce. Perhaps most important, he is prepared to spend the time to provide the feedback that inspires students to stretch their creative boundaries to bring their personal voices to their academic and professional work. Mark is inspirational in his teaching and extremely devoted to what he does. For his commitment to teaching and the outstanding nature of his work, he was selected to be a recipient of a 1994 OCUFA Teaching Award.

At the most personal level, helping colleagues improve their teaching is an important dimension to Mark Weisberg’s work. He unselfishly helps colleagues, both within and outside the Faculty of Law, improve their teaching and enhance their students’ learning experiences. In 1985, he became involved with an informal group of Queen’s faculty members who organized and presented a major faculty development event each year. Today, this Cross-Faculty Teaching Forum collaborates regularly with the Instructional Development Centre in developing an on-going series of innovative workshops and annual events on teaching and learning. Mark Weisberg played a leading role in the organization of these sessions and was the first faculty member to be seconded to the Instructional Development Centre as a Faculty Associate, a position he has held for three years. His publications and presentations on the themes of learning, teaching and professionalism are well received both at the University and internationally.