Brian Little (1995)

littleAffiliation at the time of the award: Harvard University, Psychology.

Citation: Since his appointment to the Psychology Department in 1977, Brian Little has distinguished himself as an exceptional teacher at all levels of instruction. His students speak eloquently of their experiences in his classroom and they remember his teaching with gratitude and joy. Students are unabashedly enthusiastic about this “superb teacher both in terms of preparation and content, and in terms of his distinctively engaging teaching style.” Student evaluation scores are consistently high for undergraduate and graduate courses alike and are accompanied by superlative comments: “He made this course exceptionally interesting. He’s an incredible professor!”; “His lecturing skills and enthusiasm are rivalled by none.” The University recognized his exemplary teaching talents with the 1993 University Teaching Achievement Award and with three nominations for the CASE Teacher of the Year Award.

Brian Little’s educational leadership skills have been brought to bear at several different levels of the university community. In the Psychology Department, he has been consistently involved with curriculum and course development, personally developing four new courses. His work at the institutional level involves the development of a model for faculty development which summarizes and critiques current approaches to the enhancement of faculty effectiveness and identifies new and emerging areas that are particularly promising for adoption by teaching and learning centres. He has also been active as an educational leader outside Carleton. Since 1979, he has given well over 300 presentations to university, college, high school and professional groups on aspects of teaching, learning and communication. He recently capped an outstanding history as an educational leader by being named as the inaugural recipient of McGill University’s Royal Bank Faculty Fellowship in university teaching.