Tom Haffie (1995)

haffieAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Western Ontario, Biology.

Citation: Tom Haffie’s personal success as a teacher is supported by his excellent numerical ratings from undergraduates. These ratings are consistent with the comments from current and former students who praise his dynamic lecturing, emphasis on critical thinking, fairness in grading, and individual attention. As one student puts it, Tom Haffie is an A+ teacher. Tom also mentors students on a frequent basis. He is honest in dealing with technical enquiries and compassionate in dealing with other issues. He is an effective course chairman offering support, consideration and leadership to his colleagues and teaching assistants. Tom was also one of three faculty members selected this year to work on course development projects which are intended to improve the delivery of specific courses and to raise the University’s level of expertise in multi-media instruction. His achievements were recognized earlier this year when he was selected as a winner of the Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in University Teaching.

Beyond his own classes, Tom Haffie has made a significant contribution to the improvement of teaching both at the University of Western Ontario and at other universities. He serves on the Dean’s Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Affairs in the Faculty of Science where he displays his deep and abiding concern for students and the problems they encounter in the process of learning. He has been recruited by the Educational Development Office to share his expertise in teaching with instructors from across the campus. He has presented sessions during the Perspectives on Teaching Workshop Series, attended primarily by faculty, as well as during the annual Graduate Student Conference on Teaching. He was invited to participate in developing and training leaders for the University of Western Ontario’s new TA Training Program. His willingness to share new teaching methods in genetics has also led to five publications in the past five years.