Janet Giltrow (1995)

giltrowAffiliation at the time of the award: University of British Columbia, English.

Citation: Janet Giltrow enjoys very high regard among her students and close colleagues as a teacher, innovator and educational leader. First, she is clearly an exceptional teacher. The remarkably consistent strong student ratings and highly positive student comments validate her reputation as one of the best. She is able to generate enthusiasm, sustain interest and effect learning at all levels of instruction in literature, literary theory and composition. She has introduced innovative and effective ways to teach and improve writing within not only the English Department, but also across different disciplines at Simon Fraser University. She has achieved a national reputation for her expertise in teaching writing and discourse analysis. Janet Giltrow’s books, “Academic Writing: Writing and Reading Across the Disciplines” and the companion anthology, “Academic Reading: Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines” are used in a variety of departments across North America.

Janet Giltrow has shown impressive leadership in the teaching of writing. For over seven years, she has been instrumental in the development and maintenance of the English Department Writing Centre which assists students with writing reports and essays. Student feedback from this program has been very positive and very appreciative. As a consequence, she has initiated research and instructional enhancements to the Writing Program in the English Department, working with faculty and teaching assistants in other departments in analyzing student writing and its contexts. As Vice-President and President of the Canadian Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, she has worked towards developing a professional forum in Canada within which the teaching of writing can be studied in a rigorous and scholarly way.