Alan Gillmor (1995)

gillmorAffiliation at the time of the award: Carleton University, Music.

Citation: Alan Gillmor has had a most successful and distinguished career as a teacher since he joined Carleton University’s then Department of Music in 1971. His student evaluations have been consistently among the highest in his Department resulting in a Faculty of Arts Teaching Award in 1982. He is also the recipient of a University Teaching Achievement Award, bestowed upon him the first year it was offered (1992). Alan Gillmor used this Award to completely re-design the first-year introductory course on world music in the light of his experience and research in pedagogy over the years. He is a teacher who cares deeply about students, deeply about his subject matter, and who has demonstrated an overriding concern not only to communicate effectively with students both inside and outside the classroom, but also to instil in them the same love and appreciation for music that has guided his own career.

Alan Gillmor has committed himself to the improvement of pedagogy within the Faculty of Arts by taking the time to educate himself on pedagogical matters and on the issues and problems currently surrounding the topic of a university education in the liberal arts, by attending conferences, and undertaking considerable research. This background has enabled him to make invaluable contributions to the work of Carleton University’s Teaching and Learning Centre. Large lectures are his special forte and he has developed three workshop/presentations on this theme. He attended a Summer Institute on teaching and learning, and has read widely in the literature in this area. He also played a most important role as a member of the Faculty of Arts Task Force on the First Year Experience. The report of this Task Force has had a profound influence on the development of teaching and learning not only in the Faculty of Arts but also in the Social Sciences Faculty.