Derek Allen (1995)

allenAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Toronto, Philosophy.

Citation: Derek Allen has been, from the start of his appointment, one of the most energetic, skilled, dedicated and successful teachers in the Department of Philosophy. He has sustained this record of excellence for the past twenty-two years and has been repeatedly praised in course evaluations for exceptional organizational and communication skills. He has been deeply engaged in curricular innovation, has pursued a research programme in informal logic that has directly contributed to his success as a teacher, and has evolved teaching materials which have greatly improved the teaching of informal logic. The two prestigious teaching awards – a University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Science Outstanding Teacher Award in 1993, and an OCUFA Teaching Award in 1992 – attest to his record of excellence.

Derek Allen has compiled a list of notable efforts over the past five years to promote effective teaching by means of activities designed to engage graduate students and teaching assistants in reflec tive/effective practice teaching. His course on “Teaching Philosophy” was the first such departmental program at the University of Toronto. The innovative mentor program in Philosophy, which he designed and established, is also serving as a model for similar educational development initiatives now underway at the University of Toronto. In 1990, he became Chair of the Teaching Committee which was established to help maintain high standards of teaching in his Department and to assist with the training of teaching assistants and the development of their teaching skills. He has also consulted with and offered several sessions for university colleagues on teaching/learning topics.