John Hoddinott (1994)

hoddinottAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta, Biological Sciences.

Citation: John Hoddinott has been described by his colleagues as an extraordinary teacher who combines scholarship, dedication, and compassion for students inside and outside of the classroom. His teaching is always of the highest quality and the students respond well to his genuine interest in their learning experience. He teaches with great enthusiasm. Recently, he took the initiative in developing a training program for teaching assistants to improve the quality of laboratory instruction in the Department of Botany. John Hoddinott’s foresight in initiating this program has established the Department as a leader in this area within the University of Alberta.

John Hoddinott devotes an exceptional amount of his time and energy to the improvement of teaching and learning in his own department and the university at large. He has served this cause by his outstanding work on many committees, task forces, research projects, general advising, the development of policy and recommendations, strategic planning and university-wide seminars on several aspects of teaching and learning. He initiated the University of Alberta’s peer consultation program and is currently active as a peer consultant. He was also instrumental in establishing the first coordinator position of what is now University Teaching Services.