William Hallett (1994)

hallettAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Ottawa/Université d’Ottawa, Mechanical Engineering.

Citation: William Hallett is well known as an exceptional teacher. He is enthusiastic, well-prepared, highly organized and extremely competent. He relates well to students, challenging, engaging and exciting them, and as a result, student ratings of his teaching are consistently the best in the department. He also devotes considerable attention to the ongoing improvement of his own teaching by regularly attending workshops on teaching and working continuously toward introducing new strategies. His commitment to teaching has been duly recog nized with the awarding of an OCUFA Teaching Award in 1988 and a University of Ottawa Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1991.

For the past six years, William Hallett has also been an active member of the Senate Committee on Teaching. Together with the Centre for University Teaching, this Committee organized a three-day colloquium of workshops, demonstrations, and intense discussions of teaching on campus and how it might be improved. Under his chairmanship, the Committee also developed the first policy statement on teaching at the University, articulating the importance the University attaches to teaching and its commitment to actions and policies aimed at promoting high quality teaching. Some of William Hallett’s other work with the Centre for University Teaching has involved participation in workshops for new faculty.