Norman Cameron (1994)

cameronAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Manitoba, Economics.

Citation: Norman Cameron is an innovative teacher who consistently ranks among the top teachers in the department, based on student evaluations. His teaching is also held in very high esteem by his colleagues. He possesses the quintessential qualities of an outstanding teacher: an excellent understanding of his subject, enthusiasm for important recent developments and debates, outstanding communication skills, and a deep concern for the education of his students. His contributions to teaching have been recognized by a University Teaching Award (the Saunderson Award) and a University Outreach Award during the 1980s.

Norman Cameron’s teaching skills are drawn upon extensively by his department, by other units on campus, by other educational institutions in Canada and by local media and community groups. In the early 1970s, he was chair of the Economics department’s first teaching committee. Twenty some years later, he continues to be active and effective in the programs of University Teaching Services both as a course and program leader and as one of the key members of the Peer Consultant program. He has written and edited an assortment of articles in support of teaching and has been active in curriculum design work well beyond his own courses.