Frank Aherne (1993)

aherneAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science.

Citation: Frank Aherne makes a substantial contribution to teaching at the University of Alberta by inspiring a generation of undergraduate students and through his encouragement of academic staff. He has an infectious enthusiasm for research and teaching and actively promotes independent thought and free expression. His teaching witnesses his belief that all students have untapped potential if carefully placed in the right learning environment. He does a tremendous amount of background preparation for the courses that he teaches to ensure that the best possible learning environment is established. Frank’s classroom is always an exciting place to be. His enthusiasm and sense of humour capture the imagination of his students; they consistently exceed all expectations based on their performance in other courses. Colleagues in his faculty regard his teaching as exemplary and awarded him the Hocking Chair.

Frank Aherne is a valued member of Alberta’s peer consultation team, where he helps colleagues develop as teachers through discussion of critical issues and through sharing his experience. In addition to his peer consultancy work, he is involved in committee work within his own faculty to establish professional development opportunities for graduate teaching assistants. He has been a member of the University Teaching Services Advisory Panel and the Committee for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning. The Committee is charged with recommending policy in the area of teaching and learning, and has in the past several years made major changes in the climate for teaching and learning at the University of Alberta. Much credit for these innovations is due to his diligence, wisdom and courage. He represents the “complete” university professor.

Obituary: Frank passed away on December 5, 2005 —Read more