Diane Labrèche (1992)

labrecheAffiliation at the time of the award: Université de Montréal.

Citation: Diane Labrèche has devoted herself to the art of her profession since the very first course she taught. She is an effective communicator and attentive listener. She is extremely organized and thorough when preparing for class; she is thoughtful and innovative when presenting in class. Her concern for student learning means she takes the extra time required to systematically review her teaching with a view to improving it. Students note that she is a professor who is demanding both of herself and of them. Professor Labrèche enjoys an outstanding reputation among students, which comes as no surprise, given her rare collection of care and skill as a teacher.

Her unique qualities find expression not only in her willingness to help students learn but also in her commitment to assist other law teachers to improve and strive for excellence. Probably the single most important contribution she has made to law teaching in Canada has been as Director and staff member of the Canadian Law Teaching Clinic. The Clinic first offered seminars on teaching in 1979 and is now the longest running clinic of its type with an international reputation. Her tireless dedication to the Clinic has meant that even through difficult times the only program for the improvement of law teaching in Canada has survived and evolved. She has spent countless hours at the Clinic and has participated in all aspect’s of the Clinic’s work from overall programme planning to the detailed develop ment of individual sessions.