Joseph Cunsolo (1992)

cunsoloAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Guelph, Mathematics and Statistics.

Citation: Joseph Cunsolo’s reputation as an extremely effective teacher in and out of the classroom is based upon his enthusiasm and excitement for mathematics, his wonderful clarity of presentation, his well-known accessibility outside of class, and his care and concern for students and their learning. His teacher evaluations are among the highest in the department of 28 faculty. He has taught a wide spectrum of courses but has been a stalwart in the development and delivery of the University’s large introductory calculus course, making it a course of relevance, rigour and academic value. In 1986, Professor Cunsolo was the recipient of the University of Guelph Faculty Association Professorial Award for the College of Physical and Engineering Science.

Over the years, he has conducted numerous seminars, workshops and conferences on teaching and learning topics, as well as edited papers and newsletters on teaching and learning. In January 1989, he was appointed Instructional Development Coordinator for Teaching Support Services at Guelph for a three year term. In this capacity, he coached the planning of Guelph’s faculty development activities, contributes to a host of teaching workshops, publishes articles and worked with fellow faculty members to develop and improve teaching on campus. His energy and enthusiasm helped build Guelph’s “Instructional Show and Tell” Conference into an annual event that attracts well over 100 participants from southern Ontario and beyond.