William Barnes (1992)

barnesAffiliation at the time of the award: Queen’s University, English.

Citation: Throughout his 30 years at Queen’s University, William Barnes has shown a steadfast commitment to improving teaching skills at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels. His contributions to pedagogy are significant, not the least of which are his organiza-tion of summer refresher courses for high school English teachers, his mentoring of junior faculty members and graduate students in the department, and his dauntless efforts to promote the importance of effective teaching across the curriculum.

Professor Barnes possesses the basic talents required of any good teacher: he has a thorough knowledge of his subject, he requires high standards of performance from his students, and he has the discernment and social skills necessary to foster and direct a stimulating learning environment. The special passion he brings to his subject makes his lectures popular among not only humanities students but science students as well. The strongest evidence of the high regard in which students hold his teaching may be found in his being presented the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society’s Award for Teaching Excellence in both 1986 and 1992. No other faculty member has received this honour twice.

Professor Barnes has always been at the centre of activities devoted to improving the teaching of English both at Queen’s and the surrounding area. He has conducted poetry work-shops at high schools, worked with the Kingston Area Teachers of English, and provided service on the University’s advisory committee on instructional programs for area prisons. These are unrewarded extra tasks that he adds to his official duties at Queen’s.