Joseph Habowsky (1991)

Affiliation at the time of the award: University of Windsor, Biological Sciences.

Citation: Ever since his arrival at the University of Windsor in 1964, Dr. Habowsky has shown an exceptionally strong commitment to improve skills in teaching both at the undergraduate and graduate level. He has been the prime contributor for over 20 years to the University of Windsor’s multimedia teaching laboratories. For this sort of dedication, he was awarded the University of Windsor’s Teacher of the Year Award in 1991.

Dr. Habowsky’s contribution in organizing “Individualized Instruction” in the Department of Biological Sciences eventually led to the development of the Biolearning Centre. Under Dr. Habowsky’s direction, this Centre was one of the pioneers in the development of individualized instruction in Canada. This approach uses selected media and carefully-designed feedback to allow a student to work through even the most technically demanding course content at a pace, and via a medium, matching his or her own learning. It provides an exceptionally effective as well as a motivating and interesting learning experience. At the same time, Joseph Habowsky’s students draw attention to his care, his enthusiasm and his commitment to students as people.

Since 1970, Dr. Habowsky has conducted over 40 seminars, workshops and invited presentations for faculty colleagues. He was Chairman of the Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning and has also published several articles on ways to improve education. As further evidence of his lifetime commitment to improvements in teaching, he played an active role in the organization of the Inter national Society for Exploring Teaching Alternatives and he was the Society’s first President from Canada.

Obituary: Joseph passed away July 12, 2009 —Read more