Dean Gaily (1991)

gailyAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Western Ontario, Physics & Astronomy.

Citation: Dr. Gaily is an outstanding teacher. His student evaluations are far above the department average and is one of the most highly rated instructors in the entire Faculty of Science. He brings to his teaching a tremendous enthusiasm for his subject which helps to make his lectures so interesting that often non-science students attend his classes purely out of interest. Although he “manages to tell a story as no one else can”, Dean does much more than put on a show; he motivates an interest in the subject itself [“(He) inspired me to a whole new appreciation for Physics”, “(He has an) uncanny ability to excite and interest his students in the subject”]. In 1990, he was the recipient of an OCUFA Teaching Award, and in 1982, he won the Gold Medal for Outstanding Teaching at the University of Western Ontario.

In addition to his outstanding performance as a classroom teacher, Dean Gaily has made important contributions over the years to faculty development and teaching improvements at UWO. He has served for several years as a member of the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning, the committee that oversees university-wide instructional development activities. As a Committee member, Dean worked on the arrangements for educational development programs on campus and personally led several workshops on topics such as teaching strategies and techniques for teaching problem solving. He played an important role in shaping the organization and functions of the Educational Development Office.

In the early 1980’s, Dean was part of a task force that reviewed and revised the teaching evaluation system at Western. More recently, Dean has served as coordinator of computer-assisted instruction activities, and in this role has offered regular seminars and workshops for faculty members, and has taught a session each summer on computers in higher education in the credit course for graduate students on university teaching.