Beverly Cameron (1991)

cameronAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Manitoba, Economics, University Teaching Services.

Citation: Since 1973, Beverly Cameron has been a highly successful and valued teacher of undergraduate students in the Department of Economics where she has designed, developed, and taught a variety of courses. Her ability to turn students in large lectures into active participants in their own learning indicates her truly outstanding ability as a teacher. As a result, she receives outstanding teaching evaluations from students and is consistently placed among the very best in the Department. Her excellence as a teacher has been formally recognized by her Department through the Department of Economics Teaching Award, and by the University, through the University of Manitoba Merit Award for Teaching.

Her main interest in recent years has been in how to improve teaching in the Department of Economics as a whole. As a member of the Teaching Committee for the past decade, she has researched, designed and conducted courses and workshops in lecturing and communications for university faculty members, teaching assistants and other instructors in adult and higher education. She has also been a counsellor and resource person in teaching skills, methods and course design. In 1992 Beverly is scheduled to assume directorship of the University of Manitoba Teaching Services (UTS). In this capacity, she will be responsible for a research program to examine the effectiveness of the instructional development activities of the U.T.S. In addition, she will utilize her expertise to design an institution-wide instructional development program, and work to support the different teaching methodologies which are used in a large university.

Beverly’s publications have a pedagogical thrust as well. She has written study guides and co- authored a widely-used introductory economics text in which her contribution was the application of effective thinking skills to economic theory.