Pat Rogers (1990)

rogersAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Windsor.

Citation: Pat Rogers is a superb teacher who has incalculably changed the lives of many students. In her teaching, she brings a unique blend of sound theoretical knowledge well grounded in recent research and practical experience. As Course Director in the Faculty of Education, she provided individual counselling which was always positive, constructive, thorough and handled with great sensitivity. While demanding a high degree of excellence from her students, she provides them with that illusive model, a blend of skilful teaching, supportive counselling and scholarly dedication.

Since 1989, Dr. Rogers has been the Director of the Centre for the Support of Teaching. She has worked with several teaching/learning committees and has conducted seminars, workshops, conferences, talks and other events on teaching/learning topics for colleagues at York. She is an excellent sounding board for ideas about how to improve the undergraduate learning experience because she has a wealth of experience but continues to be receptive to new ideas.