Madeline Lennon (1990)

lennonAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Western Ontario, Visual Arts.

Citation: With student evaluations that consistently approach “5” on a five-point scale, Professor Lennon ranks as one of Western’s most highly-rated instructors. She is valued as “a unique and talented teacher” who “maintains an enthusiasm in her work and an interest in her students that is extremely rare these days.” She was instrumental in the development of a new program in Western Literature and Civilization and has, since its inception, nurtured curricular developments that have attracted students in excess of the most optimistic enrolment projections.

She has participated in several workshops on teaching principles and methodologies in order to extend and vary her own teaching skills. Furthermore, she undertook, as her personal responsibility, the encouragement and coaching of faculty members to experiment with innovative teaching methods beyond the traditional lecture. Thus, she has served as a catalyst for improved teaching in her Department, and more generally, in the Faculty of Arts. She was recently invited to join a new, nine-member group of outstanding teachers who will serve as peer consultants to faculty members across the campus.