Bill Gilsdorf (1990)

gilsdorfAffiliation at the time of the award: Concordia University, Communication Studies.

Citation: Dr. Gilsdorf’s career at Concordia has reflected a serious commitment to quality teaching and to its improvement within the University and beyond. The quality of this work was acknowledged by the University when he was awarded the John O’Brien Distinguished Teaching Award. He is especially noted for the creative and innovative ways he involves students in his courses. He communicates enthusiasm, curiosity and imagination in a way few of his peers can equal. He is, in short, a superb classroom teacher.

Bill carries his passion for teaching beyond the classroom and directly to his colleagues by being active at the departmental level as well as on a university-wide basis to promote support for teaching in the University. His work with the Lacolle Centre for Educational Innovation led to the development of a program of residential seminars for faculty on innovative approaches to learning. This program has had a deep influence on many instructors and continues to grow and expand today. As well as serving as Chair of the Communication Studies Department, he has been Director of the Learning Development Office.