Colin Baird (1990)

bairdAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Western Ontario, Chemistry.

Citation: It is common knowledge that Colin Baird is an outstanding teacher. In addition to his high student ratings, Colin has made a contribution to nearly all of the important course and curriculum innovations in chemical education in his department, as well as co-authoring an internationally acclaimed innovative Year I text. He has worked continuously and diligently to raise the standards of undergraduate instruction. He has a passionate interest in his subject and a superb grasp of how to explain it. He is genuinely interested in the well- being of Western’s students and is a caring and personable advisor. In recognition of his skill and commitment, Professor Baird received an OCUFA Teaching Award and, this year, will accept the Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Western Ontario.

The University is also indebted to Professor Baird for rebuilding and strengthening its Educational Development Office. He successfully revitalized and enhanced its activities, creating an active centre for encouraging effective teaching across the campus. Colin designed specialized workshops on explaining and programs for faculty that provided teaching ideas for immediate use in the classroom. With his help, many faculty members have experienced success with new teaching approaches and have been encouraged to continue to refine their teaching methods.