Alexander Middleton (1989)

middletonAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Guelph, Zoology.

Citation: In a poem written by a student in his Biology course for Arts students ends with the words “(he) realized the highest achievement known to his discipline … He can make an English major love science!”. Dr. Middleton received the teaching award from the Ontario Confederation of Faculty Associations and consistently receives outstanding student ratings. His elegant and humane teaching is complemented by such innovations as computer-aided learning.

Sandy Middleton has been conducting teaching workshops for his colleagues, and internationally, since 1985. He was co-ordinator of Instructional Development for the University from 1986-88 and has worked on a long list of teaching related committees, including the Academic Consultant Team, the Instructional Development Grants Committee, the Senate Committee on Educational Development and the Computer Assisted Teaching in Education Committee. He redesigned and edited “Teaching Forum”, a campus publication on teaching and has participated in programs on teaching for new faculty and for teaching assistants.