Wiktor Askanas (1989)

askanasAffiliation at the time of the award: University of New Brunswick (Fredricton Campus), Business Administration.

Citation: WIKTOR ASKANAS, Professor, joined the Faculty in 1983. Wiktor received his undergraduate and graduate training in Warsaw, Poland. Wiktor earned his Ph.D. in Management from the Polish Academy of Science. Prior to coming to the University of New Brunswick, he worked for a number of business organizations and universities in Poland, USA, France, Mexico and Canada. His research includes the impact of computers on entrepreneurship and small business, strategic issues in managing financial institutions and privatization. Wiktor received the University of Excellence in Teaching Award, and is a recipient of the 3M Teaching Fellowship. He is also the 2003 Atlantic Canada recipient of the National Post Leaders in Management Education Award. In recognition of his contribution to the study of management in his native country, he was awarded the Order of Poland. Outside of Academia he is a member of two Board of Directors and Senior Advisor to the President of a major bank.