Ron Smith (1988)

smithAffiliation at the time of the award: Concordia University, Education.

Citation: Dr. Smith has dedicated his career to the understanding of teaching competence and to helping others develop their teaching skills. He was instrumental in the creation of the Learning Development Office which, under his 15-year leadership, has grown and now offers a broad range of services to support the evaluation and development of teaching. A member of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD), he has conducted workshops for college and university faculty members in Canada and the United States on a wide range of topics related to teaching and learning in higher education.

His overall teaching rating, in two different disciplines, has always been in the top 10%.

As part-time Director of the Learning Development Office since its creation in 1974, he has published 75 issues of a newsletter on teaching and learning and a host of articles in international journals.

He has formally consulted with over 120 colleagues and conducted in excess of 60 workshops on teaching and learning for university faculty, including an annual 5 day residential workshop.

Teaching-related talks and presentations:
Ron Smith has given numerous presentations, workshops and seminars on teaching and teaching improvement around the world. These include the following:

  • The Reflective Practicum: A Model for On-going Professional Development
  • Reflecting on Clinical Teaching: A Theory-of-Action Approach
  • Knowing through reflection: Chairs as development practitioners
  • Thinking Critically About Our Efforts to Improve Teaching and Learning
  • Becoming Professional About Professional Development
  • If Professional Development is Giving Help, What Kind of Help is Helpful?
  • The College Teaching Climate in a Changing Society
  • Perspectives on Expertise: Implications for Teaching
  • Designing Instructional Improvement Programs for/with your Faculty
  • Issues in Implementing Instructional Improvement Programs
  • Effective Strategies for Confronting Resistance
  • The Learning Organization and Commitment to Quality
  • The Learning Organization and Commitment to Quality
  • So What’s Special about Teaching Adults? Andragogy – The Philosophy and Psychology of Teaching Adults
  • Evaluating Teaching in Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Preparing Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Through the Use of Case Studies
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Adapting to Learner Differences