John Kuspira (1988)

kuspiraAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta, Biological Sciences.

Citation: Dr. Kuspira has been instrumental in the formation of Alberta’s Committee on Teaching and Learning (CITL). This Committee sponsors workshops, teaching conferences and a teaching consultation service. Dr. Kuspira was a member of CITL for three years and was very active in the promotion of workshops and seminars on teaching and learning. He has participated in panel discussions on teaching and learning at the University of Alberta, and spoken at conferences on teaching, teaching evaluation and learning.

His student evaluations are consistently among the highest.

John was one of the first recipients of the Rutherford Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Alberta in 1982.

He is routinely sought out for guidance on teaching. Over the past few years he has “participated on four panel discussions on teaching, spoken at three conferences on teaching, and formally functioned as a teaching consultant to more than 40 colleagues.”