Terry Gillespie (1988)

gillespieAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Guelph, Land Resource Science.

Citation: Professor Gillespie’s interest in education is exemplified by his writing for Teaching Forum, and his involvement with the Office for Educational Practice. Between 1983 and 1986, he held the position of Co-ordinator for Instructional Development. In addition to assuming direct responsibility for organizing a series of teaching workshops held each semester, he has participated in the activities of various senate committees and chaired the academic consulting team. He makes himself available as a consultant to colleagues and gives unstintingly of his time in providing advices and encouragement in teaching matters. He has also contributed to international education in Ghana and China.

“He has a unique ability to make the complex easy, to instill interest in the subject, to make learning fun, and to express genuine concern.” Winner of Guelph Faculty’s Distinguished Professor Award in 1984 and the Agricultural College Alumni’s Distinguished Teacher Award in 1986. His remarkable assistance to colleagues extends from the Guelph Academic Consultant Team to workshops on teaching in Ghana and Beijing.